Animal extremists threaten Cambridge

VEILED THREATS made against Cambridge students and the University’s Archaeology Department

Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub

19-year-old undergrads can’t solve the Middle East

After the Israeli ambassador’s excursion to the Union this week, MARTHA SAUNDERS debates the necessity of ‘taking sides’


Geordie Shore: ‘Some of your initiations are worse than anything we’ve had to do’

Gannin’ down from the toon, Gaz, Vicky and James gave us an insight into the ‘borderline pornographic’ world of Geordie shore (and told us that we were better than Oxford)

Snapshot 1 (23-10-2014 21-52)

Men’s Blues football team take on the crossbar challenge

Undeterred by the wind and rain, this week we headed to Fenner’s to put the CUAFC men’s squad through their paces

Knitwear to perfection, distant yet intimate

PILF of the Week: Take 2

Following last week’s braxen specimen, PILF of the week brings you a punter of great integrity with a penchant for henladies and grapes

Carina is "very much a feminist"

Magical medic Miss England fights to save students from tomorrow

Carina Tyrrell – Cambridge Uni’s very own Miss England medic – is lending us silly students a helping hand


Silent Partners: Artist and Mannequin from Function to Fetish

This new exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum manages both to amaze and disgust EVE WALLER.



EMILY MARR is left uncomfortable by a play that completely misses the point.


The Tab Meets: This Space

JAMIE WEBB talks to MEGAN DALTON about her new mental health website, this space


Are you ‘that guy’?

In this week’s column, MILO EDWARDS tells you exactly what is wrong with people.

The (temporary) answer to all of life's problems

Confessions of a Chronic Stoner

An ‘addict’ tells us their side of the story

keyboard hack

Cyber-scam attacks students with make-believe accommodation

In a surreal turn of events, students are under threat – from ghost accommodation


Why I was wrong about Cambridge

Fresher CLO RYAN realises we aren’t all that bad really.

Should have gone to UAE shouldn't you?

Cambridge is the worst place to study medicine

A recent survey is shedding some rather embarrassing light on how good a medicine degree at Cambridge really is


Boring Prince Bertie of Belgium and the Attempted Wedding of 1850

POPPY MCLEAN is thoroughly impressed by this new farce at the ADC.


This week I had my first cry

In this week’s column, ELINOR LIPMAN lets all the emotions of the past couple of weeks spill out.


Oedipus and Antigone

MATTHEW PLUME was blown away by a cast who were let down by a weak script